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  • Pan Talong: “May be simple but I’m full of carbohydrates that makes me rich! “



  • Noli de Carrot is the A+ Boy. He is cool, smart and loud. He is also very funny and witty. He acts as a class clown but is also a super achiever. He is extremely competitive with Anne Kamatis.

    ” Full of vitamin A, with me you’ll always look good! “

  • Mangga Young : “I’m fit, healthy, and well-protected from illness.”



  • Buko Martin: “My antioxidant properties help me strengthen my body and immunity! “



  • Fili Pinya: ” For a healthy digestive system, you can count on me! “

  • Dragon Fruit: ” With my exotic lifestyle I’m happier and healthier! “

  • Okra Aunor: ” Vitamin C is the name, beauty and cleansing is my game! ”


  • Manny Pakwan: ” Always ready, hydrated, and cool to face any challenge! “

  • Sili Crawford: ” Antioxidants keep me energized! “


Did you know that fruits and vegetables could reduce the risk of disease ?

Therefore Fruits and vegetables are very important to help our young heroes to grow in good health.

Because the futur belongs to today’s children, we have to provide them educational stuffed toys.

Plush and Play decided to partner with the mothers of the Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm to create original fruits and vegetables stuffed toys. Indeed, we clearly believe that playing will help them to develop their creativity.

So discover now our cute fruits and vegetables stuffed toys.

You can also go further and discover our sea creatures stuffed toys assortment 🙂