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Read the behind-the-scene stories of the inspirational and empowered nanays of Plush and Play. Discover how their lives weave together to form a great story of love, hope and inspiration for country.

Tita Fe

Production Manager, mother of 4 (including her self proclaimed adopted son, Fabien)


I don’t need to work abroad and live in the house of a foreigner, I have a foreigner living in my house!

Discover the story of Tita Fe

Tita Sheryl

Stock Material Manager and mother of many


She might be thinnest but she is a lean mean fighting machine

Discover the story of Tita Sheryl

Tita Frida

Production Team Leader and mother of all smiles


She has showcased her talent and ingenuity in each toy that she creates. And she did all of these with the most genuine smile on her face!

Discover the story of Tita Frida

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