Plush and Play is a social enterprise that supports the livelihood or underprivileged women in the countryside through toy manufacturing. Apart from being proudly Filipino and bannering quality in their products, Plush and Play creates educational tools with the vision to inspire the next generation of young Filipino heroes.

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“The world needs more young heroes and the future belongs to children. We support parents and teachers in raising a generation of mindful, careful and socially responsible individuals through educational play.”

"My kids wanted a custom made plushie. Big. Like, as big as her. Quite a feat to accomplish especially during lockdown. I was up for the challenge to find a plushie maker who was up for it as well. I remembered years ago during a seminar I attended at Gawad Kalinga farm, I saw a custom maker - Plush & Play. They were selling plushie veggies at that time. I contacted them and a few weeks later, my daughter got her creeper (probably the only creeper I’ll let into her life) and she couldn’t be happier!"

Ian Galliguez

Mom | Writer | Actress

We are so in-love with @plushandplay ���� and they're Leia's favorite fruits and vegetables too! these toys are safe even for smaller kids too.

Richelle Ramirez

Architect | Blogger | Mother

These stuff toys are really really soft. I'm happy I could find a proudly Filipino company creating nice toys like these and behaving in a socially responsible way. Congrats Plush and Play!

Remi Duvoux


Very happy with my Ryan Bawang plushies! Me and my friends at work love it ❤ It's so cute!!

Migi Minaj

Animator | Customer

Highly recommend Plush and Play! Their plush toys are not only high-quality and premium - they're also sewn with love by hardworking seamstress moms. Their fruit and vegetable plush toys never fail to make people smile because of their cuteness. Always happy to support the Plush and Play community and their livelihood. Check out their online store to place an order!

Joey Castro
Joey Castro

Communication Manager

Support local social enterprises! Highly recommended! Global standard yet locally made with love by the nanays in our communities!

Katrina A Cruz
Katrina A. Cruz

Mother | CSR Manager

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