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Fabien Courteille
Social Entrepreneur

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Howard Lorenzo
Architect & Designer

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Ainee Idanan
Pre-School Teacher


Be the leading Filipino global toy company, inspiring generations of young heroes and nation-builders, and contributing to the ultimate goal of Gawad Kalinga: to end poverty in the country for five (5) million families by 2024.



By melding the creative genius of the poor and the passion of young social entrepreneurs to create proudly Filipino world-class toys, we will restore Filipino seamstresses’ dignity and advocate for children’s right to play.


Hand-stitched with Love and Stuffed with Dreams !

Plush and Play began with the stories of the women in the Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm. Most of them worked in the garment industry in Bulacan; but as years went by these factories closed down leaving these women unemployed and unable to provide for their families. After learning their plight, we decided to partner with them by combining our team’s ideas and passion, and the skills of the sewers in the community. 

Since 2013 our team has been providing sustainable livelihood to Filipino families, highlighting the undervalued sewing skills of these women to create proudly Filipino soft toys.

Our team’s goal is to share and celebrate the lives of Filipino heroes through our products, which aims to inspire all generations of Filipinos and beyond.

All our products are handcrafted by the women of GK Enchanted Farm. With the intention of creating a work-life balance for our sewers, we have a work from home set-up to encourage an environment where women can provide for and also be with their families. Plush and Play is the home of Manny Pakwan, Anne Kamatis, Buko Martin and more — proudly Filipino toys that bring joy to thousands of children and those that are young at heart. Take part in our mission to inspire the next generations of young heroes through meaningfully made toys that not only support communities but also help build the nation.