Laz the Lion

Since 2013, we work with individuals and organizations to supply their needs for giveaways, mascots, neck pillows and other stuffed toys and fabric based items.

Perfect for your promotional and marketing needs, our customized products offer will surely be a great complement to your strategies and campaigns to reward partners and employees, increase customer engagement, boost brand awareness and acquire new clients.  

It is easy to partner with us, we can help you with your design, we can make samples in a week’s time and offer a low minimum order quantity (MOQ) starting at 100 pcs.  

All our products are locally manufactured with good cost and quality, saving your time and efforts from sourcing internationally. By choosing to partner with us, you also get to support the livelihood of our seamstresses in Bulacan.

They Trust Us

Customizing Since 2013

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Made In The Philippines

Low Minimum Order Quantity

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Do you have a specific design in mind for a toy that you would love to own? Say no more!

Send us the details of your design and we will be more than happy to create it for you.