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Buko Martin is Plush and Play’s stuffed toy version of the fruit coconut or we called “Buko” in Tagalog. Buko Martin is one of the Proudly Filipino stuffed toys handcrafted with love by the mothers of Gawad Kalinga Bulacan.



    Buko Martin is one of the Proudly Filipino Stuffed toys handcrafted with love by the Gawad Kalinga mothers in Bulacan.

    “My antioxidant property helps me strengthen my body and immunity.”

    Buko Martin is the coconut stuffed toy version of the fruit we called “Buko” in Tagalog. Buko Martin is named after “Coco Martin”, a Filipino actor, director, and film producer, best known for playing the lead role in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.

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    As a Plush and Play character, Buko Martin is the “Jack of all Trades” from the group. Like its fruit counterpart buko that has so many health benefits, Buko Martin is someone who knows a little about everything. Buko is confident with his many skills. He is considered the group “daredevil,” as he likes to try and learn a lot of things. Buko is a very outgoing and adventurous person, he has an infectious enthusiasm that naturally draws people to him. 

    As a vegetable/fruit, Buko Martin is popular among Filipinos as it has numerous health benefits and usages/products. Every part of the coconut and its tree is useful in so many different ways. A coconut is famously known in the Philippines as “the tree of life”, and it is not called as such for nothing, it provides almost all the necessities of life: food, drink, oil, medicine, fiber, timber, and fuel.

    Coconuts are a big part of the Filipino household, we have a multitude of dishes and delicacies made from Buko or Niyog. From cooking oil to VCO (best known for weight loss benefits), to Coco water (healthiest beverage) to our favorite Coconut milk (or gata). From Coconut sap sugar to coconut jam, to Bukayo and Pan de coco. They are just too many to mention, but it’s undeniable that Filipinos just love Coconuts! 

    As a plush toy, Buko Martin is handcrafted with love by the seamstresses of Plush and Play in Angat Bulacan. The community of seamstresses at GK Enchanted Farm is able to incorporate similar features of Coco Martin in Buko Martin, including his brown color and charming smile. The plush toy is in full brown crystal velboa fabric for the body and filled with polyester fiberfill class A to get the plump shape and fluffiness we love in plush toys. The details are made of felt and hand-stitched carefully by the seamstresses.

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    Crystal Velboa Fabric, Felt, Fiberfill Class A


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