Mang Gustin

Mang Gustin is Plush and Play’s stuffed toy version of the fruit “Manggosteen”. Mang Gustin is one of the Proudly Filipino stuffed toys handcrafted with love by the mothers of Gawad Kalinga Bulacan.



    “Mang Gustin is Plush and Play’s stuffed toy version of a Mangosteen”

    Mang Gustin is Plush and Play’s version of the fruit “Manggosteen”. Mang Gustin is the oldest of all characters, he is the “Tatay” in the group.

    As a farm elder and teacher, Mang Gustin promotes healthy living among the characters. He is also considered a “hippie” that encourages everything organic and natural. He also teaches the other characters about living simply.

    Since Plush and Play was established on a farm it is just right to have an ode to farmers, hence Mang Gustin was created. The name Mang Gustin is a play on words from the fruit Mangosteen and the term “Mang” or “Manong” that translates to Sir or Mr. in English.

    Like any farmer, Mang Gustin is hardworking and passionate. He is able to provide for the community by working the ground, planting seeds, growing plants, and raising animals. His love for his work and love for the land translates into how he interacts with the characters of the Enchanted Farm barkada. Mang Gustin is the epitome of any responsible, practical, and dependable Filipino farmer.

    As a tropical fruit, the mangosteen works hard to care for the body as Mang Gustin cares for the farm. Aside from its low-calorie count, Mangosteen is packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and 

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    Crystal Velboa Fabric, Felt, Fiberfill Class A


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